Why should you choose us to get Vietnam Visa?

Obtaining visa would be one of the most important tasks in preparing for your trip to VietNam. But some people would not be ready to mail their passport to the Embassy to apply for their needed visa.  The others simply do not have enough time for regular visa procedure.

We do understand your concerns. We do know that your time is meaningful and priceless. From now on, with the various services provided by the Embassy of Vietnam, after some "clicks", you can have your required visa at the last minutes before your flight.

We also know that you may be a little confused as there are a large number of online websites for visa application and that you could not identify which one is legal and trustful for your personal information security. This website is official one of the Embassy of Vietnam located in Ottawa, Canada. Should you require further information or simply want to double check, please feel free to contact with our visa officials at: +1 613 236 0772 ext. 226 or hotline +1 343 777 8384. 

Fast, secured, confidential, convenient, friendly and guaranteed, that are our criteria.

 All you need is to visit the official website of Vietnam Embassy in Canada:  http://www.landingvisavietnam.com

We are the official representatives of the Goverment of Vietnam, located in Ottawa, Canada.

We collaborate with Vietnamese Immigration Department and Embassies and General Consulates in North America.

We closely cooperate with all international air carriers in North America. 

Our friendly and helpful staffs are available 24/7 to provide quick, high quality and secured services.

We provide all kind of services that you may need to have easily your visa

We engage 100% application fee refunded if being declined by Vietnam Immigration

Apply with us - satisfaction guaranteed.


Why choosing Landingvisavietnam.com ?


1. Simple procedure

Vietnam landing visa procedure is very simple. You just need to fill online form, then click "submit" to complete the payment by credit cards. It takes couples of minutes to fill in the Vietnam visa application form. After payment, within 1 working hour to 5 working days depending on your selected service, you will get a landing visa approval letter from the Embassy of Vietnam in Canada which is valid for boarding and for picking up your actual visa at all Vietnam international airports.

Please note that landing visa is just applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by air. If you plan to go to Vietnam by land or by ship, you must apply for and obtain the REGULAR VISA prior to your trip.

2. Time saving


Instead of going to the Embassy located only in Ottawa and waiting some days to get your visa, from your home or office, you now can apply online at http://landingvisavietnam.com for a landing visa to be picked up at Vietnam international airports or for a regular visa which will be mailed back to you by the Embassy of Vietnam in Canada. In case of emergency, your Vietnam landing visa can be done within one working hour and your regular visa could be issued and mailed out the next day after we received your request and payment. Our hotlines can be reached 24/7 even during holiday periodes.

For those who live far away from Ottawa, Vietnam landing visa would be the best choice. Even when you are on your holiday in other countries, you can easily apply for Vietnam landing visa online at the website http://landingvisavietnam.com.


3. Credibility guaranteed


We understand that you may be confused while finding out a lot of websites offering the so-call "visa on arrival" services which are, in some ways, similar to our landing visa service. Unfortunately most of them are fake ones or from private travel agencies who are not eligible for issuing a visa. Please read the Embassy's warning regarding these websites at: http://vietem-ca.com/press-releases/warning-about-private-websites

While choosing landingvisavietnam.com, you don't need to worry about your personal information (passport, credit cards, email or mailling address) to be abused as we are official representative of the Vietnamese government in Canada. Should you want to be confirmed before applying online on this website, please call our visa officers of the Embassy at 343 777 8384 or 613 236 0772.

For more information please email to vietnamembassy@rogers.com


Thank you for your kind attention.


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